Monday, 22 February 2010

...No More Jargon Please!

So Sunday came and went…and the date with The Geezer was unfortunately as underwhelming as expected! So I was out to brunch with a close girlfriend and he called whilst I was still in the car with her so we watched him walk into the café that we had arranged to meet at. (Of course no cringing or laughing or having to force said lovely to drive off and not wait for him to turn his face to check him out…! Girls will be girls…) First impressions were that he walked oddly – ok I know that’s harsh but, well, he did.

Anyhoo so the conversation was ok – it wasn’t particularly free flowing but we managed to graze over the usual suspects – family (he had a small one), job (he loves…as I was soon to find out – watch this space), holidays. I guess overall he was a sweet guy but just of a bit of a nervous disposition which led him to say things like ‘I am a very cultured person’ and how he prefers wine bars to club ‘because I’m not a very good dancer’ and how he thinks it’s really important ‘to give people the opportunity and not just say no after one date’. Oh dear. When at one point he suggested next time we can go for dinner and I can have more than my current fresh mint tea, I was slightly perplexed and maybe uttered a nervous laugh – lame response but…hell no was the initial thought buzzing around in my head!

On the topic of his job, everything we seemed to talk about he drew a parallel with some kind of work oriented jargon – for instance when the topic of wedding planning came up at one point (‘‘I guess it’s really just like project management’’) or keeping in touch with old work contacts in case of future opportunities (‘‘It’s just networking really’’)…and every time I concealed my inner urge to laugh he’d come up with something new! I almost had to go to the loo by the time he mentioned monthly KPIs…

You know those rather awkward moments on a date when you have a semi difference of opinion with someone you don’t know and don’t want to come across as too strong a personality by disagreeing yet you really can’t bring yourself to agree with them either?! Well that happened when he brought up the subject of ‘giving people the opportunity’ and sometimes people are just too short sighted etc. He really made a point of it leading me to think he had perhaps been treated this way? I was totally in agreement that you should be hasty but you also have to balance that with your intuition and trust your instincts – you meet someone and you will have a clear inkling as to whether you want to meet them again or not – you know some kind of a connection or affinity…and unfortunately there was no sign of that here. He text in the evening saying lovely to meet and would love to meet sometime soon…I just replied saying nice to meet but suggested I don’t see it going further and good luck on the search – what’s the point of tagging someone along when I am clearly on a different page, right?

Onwards and upwards!!

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