Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Eager Beaver Palm Reader

So often a talking point when on the phone or on a date with a prospective date is 'have you had any nightmare date experiences?' Well, having been on a few of these introductions, there are a couple that stand out. Let's begin with 'Mr Palm Reader'/Eager Beaver. So we had spoken once or twice on the phone and he seemed fairly easy to talk to. Fast forward to the day of our coffee date - said seemingly normal boy turned into a serial texter. I had about 5 or 6 messages asking me for the location of the coffee house we were meeting at including a request for where exactly it was situated on the road and the post code. By this stage I was losing patience and thinking to myself 'HELLO?! Why on earth do you think google was created?! DIY MR' Anyhoo, the kind and tolerant girl that I am, I was perfectly diplomatic in my replies and eventually made my way to meet him. I entered the cafe and there he was...(Did I mention that he had asked what colour top I would be wearing and told me the colour of his shirt. Again, typically I would have guffawed at this - I mean we're in a cafe with the potential for maybe a max of another 10/15 people already there, how hard can it be to pick up your phone if you're unsure of who you're looking for?!)

Anyway, back to the story at hand. My first impression - a bit of a teddy bear, smily, short and of generous proportions. We sat down and chatted, nothing really wrong with him but nothing particularly engaging either. He basically just seemed a little bit square. Just when topics of conversation were thinning out, he grabbed my hand and confessed that he could read palms and proceeded to read mine. I am a total sceptic when it comes to things like this but I didn't think that this was the time to be reeling off my usual schpeil about those morons who let these random self appointed nobody's play on innocent and gullable peoples' vulnerability and line their pockets in the process. Good idea.

According to him I was destined to meet the love of my life at 27 (damn I was 25 at the time), have 3 children (this I actually agreed with), had had two very complicated situations to date (umm questionable...). Anyways far from being hugely cringeworthy it was actually the high point of our 45minute date!

So once we had said our goodbyes, engages in one of those do I have to or am I ok to avoid goodbye hugs, I was picked up and taken for a much needed scoop of ice cream afterwards (ice cream is sometimes the only therapy one needs). Low and behold just 20 minutes later, who do I have a text from (a 3 page text at that). His message went along this lines 'Hi, it was nice to meet you. So what did you think? Don't worry you can be honest, I won't be offended...' As for my reaction 'OH-MY-GOD' (The funniest thing is when you tell your elder family members about fruit loops like him, they turn it on you saying boys become like this as a reaction to girls who never get back to them etc etc...HOW ON EARTH DID HE BECOME THE VICTIM AND ME THE ACCUSED?! Give us girls a fair chance already!)

I know I've been told in the past that I can be keen but 20 minutes?! Blimey...Safe to say I waited till bed time about 5 hours later and sent a diplomatic 'Nice to meet but think we're quite different...happy to stay friends' You get my gist - it was something along those lines. And that, my friends was the end of that!


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