Saturday, 5 September 2009

Life Partner or Loser?

Hello reader!

A few days back, after listening to a ridiculous voicemail left for me by an unknown entity, my reaction could have gone one of two ways: scenario one involved screaming and muttering a few expletives or scenario two which involved taking a deep breath and laughing…laughing at the rather comic and surreal scenario in which I found myself. Right, I am guessing I have already lost you. Forgive me and allow me to explain myself. Said voicemail had been from an eligible bachelor who had ascertained my details through his mother and was calling to speak to me as he heard I was looking for a ‘life partner.’ Ok, whilst you choke/laugh uncontrollably or are simply forced to do a double take of what you have just read, I assure you that is exactly what happened. So after this little incident, I had this brain wave to set up an outlet for my funny experiences and decided the only form of therapy that I wished to indulge in was to put into writing the sea of thoughts that seemed to be overflowing and entertain people with some of my silly stories. I have been known to suffer from bouts of verbal diarrhoea and this way, there is noone to roll their eyes at yet another one of my date stories or tell me to stop whingeing because I am apparently ‘‘very lucky that people seem to be setting me up on dates left, right and centre.’’

Allow me set the scene. I’m a mid twenty something Indian girl living in the UK and undergoing the weird and occasionally wonderful introduction process – suddenly my marital status is the most exciting thing about me – forget the other fabulous things going on in my life, be they sporting achievements, my latest inspired interest, holiday plans, the newest yoga pose I have managed to monkey my way into…all people seem to be interested in is why I remain single and why and how I am not a part of the engagement whirlwind that has taken off in all directions since the beginning of the year! The ‘introboat’ as one of my lovely friends has coined it, that I am well and truly aboard, seems to be the object of perennial mystification and great interest to both my non Indian and paired up Indian friends who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing such a set up. To this end, I’ve decided to start this blog to unveil the intricacies of the process, something I’m sure plenty of other mid twenty year old Indian girls and boys are going through…and quash the weird and wonderful plethora of ideas that still fly around me – of course whilst trying to maintain my sanity in the process! Watch the space...

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